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And so 2016 really begins. January is a bit of a non-month isn’t it? Folk gather round discussing what they intend to do in the following year, but seldom really make any great progress into anything… Sure isn’t the planning half the fun of it anyhow?

That said I have had a rather lovely January. And thanks to a wonderful new ‘Link Up’ by Jasmin Charlotte I have been prompted to share some of the best things so far this year with 10 Happy Things!

10 Happy Things


1. Our New Vehicle

I couldn’t be happier with this addition to our life. He’s called Alfie, and the adventures shall be many! Being able to fit all 3 of the pup in the back with plenty of breathing space is fab – add on the horse box and we are ready for some serious road trips. The world is our oyster… or the island of Ireland at the very least!

2. The Beach

The first outing with all three furry mischief on board was to a local beach, and it had us wondering why we don’t take advantage of the near by shore more often. Is there a better place to be on a windswept morning? I think not.


3. Cirque Berserck

The Grand Opera House is always a joy to visit, and Matt’s birthday trip was no exception. I knew he’d love a show of fast paced acrobatics, but I was surprised to find we adored Tweedy the Clown just as much. I highly recommend it for children and adults alike. Lots of fun!

4. Veggies!

So far we have managed to successfully add more veggies into our 2016 menu. The slow cooker is our friend. Earlier this week we used it to make superb lasagna where we substituted 1/2 of the mince for butternut squash. A super swap; adding a touch of sweetness with little change is texture, or general lasagna awesomeness. Watch this space!

5. Snow

I freaking adore snow! As anyone who follows me on twitter will be aware… I’m not on my own here, am I? I understand that snow is not so much fun if you face a long battle through it to get to work; but I can put aside the negatives when I get to watch the pups/horses messing around in the white stuff. It’s the little things ♥

6. Longer Days

The mornings are brighter. The darkness of night is further away. Spring will be her in mere moments.

7. Wine

No dry January in Field Cottage I’m afraid. I enjoyed some wonderful wine in January, and hope it is but a sign of things to come!


8. Books – in print!

Actual books, made of actual paper. How very retro…! Im a kindle convert, but some things are best in their physical form. Information books are one – and the beautiful Taste is something I am so glad I invested in.

9. Gus and friends

Or should that read #BlackBeef… Gus and some other young steers have moved into the paddock surrounding Field Cottage. I like to foster good realtions with my neighbours. Keep and eye out for the next chapter in Gus & I’s story coming soon.


10. Food with Friends

January saw some long overdue catch ups. Friends and food. Two of my very favourite things!

If you fancy sharing your ‘Happy Things’ I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Or you can join in with ‘link up’ with Jasmin Charlotte over on her blog – and share with us all! 

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