The Wildlife Trusts have launched an awesome campaign for the up and coming month of June. #30DaysWild is all about getting YOU out an about, and enjoying the great outdoors. We want you to get outside for a while everyday, and embrace the wildness! Don’t worry if you dont have much time to spare, many of the ideas The Wildlife Trust have to share with you require only a few minutes of your day and I can guarantee you will feel better afterwards. Who doesn’t benefit from a little bit of time with Mother Nature?

There are only 9 days left before we need to start letting our wild side out – so ya’ll still have time to sign up and join me. I cant wait to share even more outdoor moments than usual this month. Who knows, I might even manage to blog more often 😉

Are you going to sign up? What is your plan for wildness? Let me in on your favourite wild moments 🙂