#5 Fab things to do outside

I have just returned to work after over a weeks break – and having no holidays book or day trips planned – AND M being away on holiday for a large amount of it, meant for a restless Laura.

I spent the first few days moping about, feeling sorry for myself, and being sucked into Netflix for hours on end. Despite Ugly Betty & Angel serving me well – I knew I needed to get a move on & do something other than marathon watch programmes from my youth…..

And it shouldnt be of any great surprise to you, that all I required to perk myself up was a bit of time in the great outdoors! Each morning that I woke up in a slight strop I gave myself a swift boot in the butt & went for a turn about the gardens with Dakota. After which – id be ready to conquer the world!

Fresh air is important to all of us, yet many of us are spending less & less time breathing it in. Some times we just need a nudge in the right direction! So here are my top 5 things to do outside 🙂


1) Go on an adventure – Start your day outside with a little thought – we are surrounded by places we have never been, just waiting for you to explore. Most recently I spent a day on an adventure just down the road from me at Murlough – it was the best day I have had in some time!


2) Try a new activity – Trying new things is good for the mind, giggling your way through a new activity is good for the soul. I remember spending many a day enjoying falling of skateboards in my school days. And I am thinking of doing some shopping at Skate Hut & spending some happy moments with my niece doing the same!

3) Picnic – I do love to eat, of course you know that. But eating outside is my favourite! I am even planning some winter picnics this year – probably best kept for dry days though lols


4) Connect with some fluffies – I know not everyone like out furried and feathered friends, however I can think of little better ways to spend my time outdoors. Enjoy a walk with your pooch – borrow a friends pooch or even just make pals with one in the park. They have a good talent for making us smile! Cats, dogs, chucks, horses – they all lift my spirits 🙂


5) Just wander – My personal favourite! I am lucky to be surrounded by wonderful wandering spaces. But I recon any area can be good for a little meandering. Open those eyes and take in your surroundings, you’ll be surprised by what you notice – and the people you meet along the way.

Im trying to spend more and more of my free time outside. What are your favourite ways to spend time outta the buildings?