5 Reasons I am Ready for Autumn


Autumn is always a surprise isn’t it? And generally an early visitor. Summer doesn’t officially end for a couple of weeks – but we’ve all said goodbye already haven’t we? I am ready for Autumn – and here’s why!

Crisp Morning Walks

Clear bright mornings, wrapped up tight; wandering across the fields with my girlies. You just can’t beat them! Just you wait till that first frost appears – the excitement will be too much to bear!

Superb Autumn food – Comfort food at its best

Not a surprise to see this here – Autumnal meals are the best. Slow cooked dishes full of gutsy flavours. Indulgent sweet treats; it’s marshmallow season after all! Maple syrup, pumpkin, cinnamon – HOT CHOCOLATE! I’ve been plotting for weeks already…

It’s knitwear and boots time

Yes – I am totally serious. The chance to stick on a pair of jeans, some boots and a giant fluffy jumper; yet still be considered socially exceptable… Coziness ftw. I can feel a shopping trip coming on – you can never have too many over sized scarfs? Right?

Fireside evenings are on the cards

We’ve been well behaved this Summer – and really rather warm, so the wood burning stove is yet to be lit. It won’t be long yet though, I am sensing a fire this weekend… And I am really rather looking forward to it. Sofa, mug of hot cocoa, puppy cuddles and Strictly? It’d be rude not to!

All of the colours

Mother Nature is an artist, and Autumn is one of her strong points. Oranges and mustard galore – everywhere looks stunning as the leaves start to turn. The nights might be drawing in, but the sunsets are at their best. Brilliant sunsets that can look red, orange, yellow or even pink. Cameras ready boys and girls! Sunrises are suddenly easier to catch too – mornings don’t start just so early 😉

autumn sunset

See what I did there? A whole post about the turning of the seasons with out mentioning Christmas getting closer…. ♥

Are you happy to see Autumn? What is your favourite thing about the new month?