5 Things That Make Living in the Countryside Awesome

I make no secret of the fact I am a country gal. City living holds zero appeal to me. In fact town living isn’t at the top of my to do list – and sometimes even my home village feels large……. ( spoiler – it’s not ) Here are 5 things that make living in the countryside awesome ♥

Room to breathe


Yes – I realise you city folk also manage to breathe. But I mean space to draw breath and count your blessings. Without the world carrying on around you at 1000 miles an hour. Having enough space to permit freedom of movement, freedom of mind, freedom of being. Its important – and so much harder to find in the city. For me at least.

Space for all of your friends


So we don’t own our home and are very lucky to be where we are – bit my understanding of property prices tells me that you get a lot more bang for your buck if you are willing to live life a bit more far-off. And rental properties are a lot more malleable when it comes to including your furry friends too. Just check us out – x3 dogs, x3 cats, x2 rabbits, x9 hens and x1 cockerel. Oh an Gus of course! That’s not something you can bundle into city living, and not something I could ever give up ♥

Real Darkness

You just can’t get proper darkness in the bright lights of the city. And without real darkness you cant appreciate the wonder that is the night sky, with its glittering blanket of stars. Or the changing of the seasons – with the slow changing of the length of the day. Day time and night time are divided in the countryside, and I like it that way! It makes the long summer evenings all the more special. And the dark winter days even more perfect for curling up in front of the fire.

A closer understanding of your food


Of course it is possible to source your food responsibly whilst living in the city. But it isn’t always easy! It takes a lot less effort if you can wander down the road and have a chat with the local farmer. We wouldn’t be having our ‘farm to fork’ experience with Gus and the farmers behind Black Beef if we hadn’t met them. And we wouldn’t have met them if we didn’t live in Field Cottage. As for the feeling of walking through some woodland and stumbling across a secret patch of wild garlic – now thats second to none!

Trips to the City


Yup – you heard me right. One of the awesome things about living in the countryside is most definitely the trips to the city. Any city really. City breaks are so much more fun when you haven’t been trying to keep up with the city speed of life all week. Cities seem interesting and different. The expanse of restaurants and shops is novel – and being able to get cocktails and prosecco pretty much anywhere I choose to plonk myself down is a certain bonus. Belfast is my local city, and once a month visits on sunny days make it seem all the more special. That and St.Georges market rocks!

I could go on – but 5 seems a good stopping point. For now at least.

My love for the remote isn’t something everyone understands. The reality is, not everyone should move to the countryside. After all, if they did many of these reasons would be obsolete. But if you crave the extra breathing space and space for ALL of the animals, its seriously worth considering!

What do you love about where you live? Have you thought about moving to the country?