6 Things I Have Learnt To Accept About Myself

I’m 30 now. In fact, I am almost 31.

Hands up who thought they’d have their life sorted by 30…

Yeah, I was part of that club too.

Now, let me tell you a little secret… There. Is. No. Magic. Age.

There doesn’t have to be a hallelujah moment in your twenties. In fact, there doesn’t need to be an elusive target set ahead of you, for any part of your life. Age, as it’s always been said, is just a number. And no one can predict what age you are going to ‘find the one’, ‘locate your dream career’ or ‘find yourself’. As far as I can see, the most we can hope for, as the years go by; is to get to know ourselves a little bit better. And feel more comfortable living the life we lead. No matter where that might end up.

There are a few things that have come to me with age.

A better taste in men. A fascination with flowers. An ability to post blog posts a little more frequently… But the main thing that I have found I’ve acquired with my gathering of years, is the acceptance of some of my quirks. Somethings you are better to accept, rather than try to change. Either because you stand little chance of actually changing. Or, because there really isn’t anything wrong with being just the way you are.

Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve given up trying to alter. Even if they were never part of ‘my perfect me’…

6 Things I Have Learnt To Accept About Myself

Sometimes, I just need to be left alone.

I just can’t cope with copious amounts of human. Even if the human in question is one I love. Sometimes I have to make a real effort not to snap at Matt when he wants to chat in the evenings. Especially when my day’s been interaction heavy. Two hours of alone time is pretty much my minimum. Luckily spending time dog walking, or hanging out with the horses counts. They aren’t people after all…

Time ( and brain space ) is limited.

This is something I am still struggling with. Its a problem with being human… I can’t master all the things I want to master; go to all the places I wanna go; or know all of the things. I am slowly learning to be more selective. And to spend more time on the things that will actually enrich my life. Travel and adventure is high up there. As are creative ventures. Hence my current botanical illustration classes.

Jeans and jumpers are my BAE.

No apologies here. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, who’d wear the same outfit everyday if I could. At night time, I might add heels. If I’m feeling flash!

I need a lot of sleep.

And I am loathed to admit that it may be more than most people deem necessarily. But to be honest, I just don’t care. I get up at around 7am each morning. Dogs / horses / cats / hens – they don’t understand lie-ins. I am cool with that. I bought into that lifestyle and I love it. What this does mean, is that I am usually in my bed by 10pm. If I’m not, then the next night it could be as early at 8pm when I hit the sack. You don’t wanna hang out with me when I am tired. I’m not cute… This something I have long learnt to accept about myself. Everyone else seems to take a little persuasion!

I am messy.

I know. Shut the front door! Laura admits she’s messy… My Mum tried her best to change it. Matt isn’t overly enamoured with it. But it’s a character trait I just don’t have the will power to fix. A messy home is a happy home. Happy because I haven’t had to spend time tidying it.

Travel makes me edgy.

Not the fun bit of travel. As you know, I love to explore. But the airport bit. I am never going to master that part. The first time I travelled with Matt, he wondered if I was really the girl for him… It goes without saying, I have mellowed with time. I have better coping strategies now. I fully loaded iPad. Sound cancelling headphones. And a boyfriend who understands I can be a little loopy in airports… As I learn to accept myself, I also learn to deal with my inner crazy.

Embrace your quirks. They make you who you are. This is just the way I am, and I’m done wasting time trying to change it.