A Day for Dad

fathersdayFathers Day comes around every year – and every year I have little or no idea what to do or buy for my Dad. My father and I are very similar – in all of the good ways, and the bad! The most stand out of the good qualities is that we both love a good feed – and I think that is the safest route for me to head down this year.

Unfortunately things are a little crazy in Field Cottage atm – so as much as I would love to spend a few days planning a feast, it just isn’t possible. There are other options though, so dont feel that you can’t go all out – we all have to surrender to a little help sometimes. And this year my help is coming in the form of Marks and Spencers.

Fathers Day Food

Slow cooked joints are a favourite at the moment – both whilst dining out, and cooking at home. So it is no surprise that good ol’e Marksies has developed a range were they have taken the bulk of the work out of the lengthy cooking process. I picked a few of these up to feed our hungry bunch this weekend – and will be adding some wraps, rolls and buckets loads of salads to the mix to make a hearty meal. I love that we can have lots of different meats available with minimum effort – cooking them all at once doesnt sound too tricky. And it will keep the fussier folk among us happy, as there is something for everyone.

And the sweet tooth is not forgotten – Matt and I have already tested this Pecan Brittle out and OMG it is absolutely lush… infact I must go sneak another piece 😉

brittleBut true to form – there will be some creation for Fathers Day.

It all started with a rather unsuccessful batch of rhubarb curd. And with a short brain storming session last night I decided to knock up a batch of teeny pink meringues!


Yeah, Dad has had no say on the colour scheme……

But it will hopefully develop into a rhubarby type eton mess thingy. I’ll complete it tomorrow – I intend it to be awesome. And I promise to share ♥

What are your plans for Fathers Day? Are you organising a special day for Dad?