A Great Date…..

Recently one of my favourite local date spots has come under threat. A spot where Matt and I went on our first date, a date a few weeks ago – and Ive been with friends in between and before!


Northern Ireland only has one Aquarium – Exploris – happens to be located just along the coast from me! Not only along the coast, but a little ferry trip – The perfect addition to a day out 🙂

photo 3 (1)

But it may not be around too much longer 🙁 The council have been searching for a private investor – but after this has come to no avail the council has started moves to close Exploris down. Matt and I popped down to show our support, because nothing is set in stone yet…. The council has deferred closure – but thats only for two months atm – two months which end on the 25th of November. So if you live close by get your butt to Exploris, it may be your last chance!

I took a few snaps – I hope you like em 🙂

imageafterlight (2) image (1)afterlight (4)