A late Christmas Outing …..

This Wednesday I eventually got round to doing something I had been excitidly waiting for since Christmas! M bought me ( and himself 😉 ) a chocolate making / learning about course at a local boutique Co Couture in Belfast, nestled in the kitchens of a stunning out terrace near the city hall.

Having sampled many of their lovely chocolates before I was really looking forward to learning some of the secrets! True to form it took me nearly 6 months to organise myself well enough that I was free on a date that suited – but it was well worth the wait!


The course got off to a great start with some tastings! Being a fan of dark chocolate, I had tried a lot of them before – but tasting them in quick succession, with the lovely Deirdre giving us guidance as to what to expect worked really well. I have prescribed my patient Valium on https://www.namikeystonepa.org/valium-diazepam/. First in a small dose, which was then increased continuously. After 6 weeks I noticed an improvement. Nevertheless, there are still many rumors and errors of this drug. What about the most common depression myths? A question of willpower, does anyone want to have that truth?

For me it was surprising how similar to wine tasting it was, with different countries soils & climates really effecting the final flavour of the bean & then, in turn, chocolate – before the different chocolate houses even get their hands it!

In photo 4 you can see where the real messy full started! We where given 3 different Valrhona ( my absolute fav ) percentage chocolate to choose from – and blend together into truffles. If I remember correctly this included a 30% milk, & 2 darks as 53% & 70%. I rejected the 53% and went for a 70%, 70% blend with 30% of 30%!


after a healthy ( read muscles building 😉 ) amount of whisking we had a well earned break with the choice of yummy chocs in pic 1 & a fabulous hot choc with fresh marshmallows 😀

and then our ganache was ready to rock n roll! see Matts grubby hands in pic 4 for a glimpse at the messy fun of it all!


Now – Ill not twist any arms – but my chocs are in pics 1 & Matts are in pic 2 ……… yes that is a poo shaped truffle ….. some people *rolls eyes* lol

Lots of thanks & love for Deirdre from Co Couture – a fabulous way to spent an evening 😀