A Michelin London Luncheon

a trip to london – even one for the rugby, wouldnt be complete without some good grub!

so lunch at The Harwood Arms it was!


the black board above shows the set menu on offer – which most of us went for in some way or another. Having a starter & main, or main & dessert off there – and a choosing the other course of the menu.


i really loved the decor in the harwood arms – very rustic & comfy


we started off with the most amazing bread – AMAZING bread – still warm from the oven. I think we probably ate our weight in this stuff!


i started with this wonderful rabbit schnitzel w/ new season asparagus, egg mayonnaise, celeriac remoulade & pickled carrot – it might sound like alot of ingredients for one little dish – but it worked so well – i loved the finely chopped egg mayonnaise


this is the starter off the set menu – however i am nearly certain it changed from the board, and was no longer monkfish cheeks….. however my brain isnt doing a good job of remembering :0/


i then enjoyed the main course off the set menu – short rib of ruby beef w/ jersey royals, pickled walnut & smoked bone marrow –  a lovely mix of gelatinousness layers & tender meat

20120522-225949.jpgthis was the stand out dish for me – & i was very happy i had managed to persuade my brother to swap half way through BEFORE the meal came 😀

the roe deer was so perfect – so tasty mmmmmmm – garlic crushed potatoes & the hottest horseradish sauce ever


however the dessert wasnt just so successful – Brown sugar doughnuts with sea buckthorn curd and sour cream –  i picked the doughnuts out from the start and knew i had to have them. But having never tasted Buckthorn i fifnt know what to expect! i was like sour curd of some form, slightly tropical in flavour.

part of me is dying to pick some and try myself  –  though the rest of me would rather not….. ever taste it again lol


all wrapped up with a terribly pretty coffee 🙂 a successful lunch & great start to our time in London!