A New Approach…

I am trying to change my shopping habits…

Over the years I have managed to collect more than a few impulse purchases. Impulse purchases that spend most of their time sitting in wardrobes, cabinets and *whispers* the attic!

It shouldn’t have taken me 30 years to realise that no purchase is a miracle maker. One more pair of shoes will not complete my ‘collection’. One more craft supply will not be the tipping point to me actually finding time to craft. One more cookie cutter does not make me the next Nigella.

I am fascinated by the idea of ‘minimalism’. The concept of ‘treasure or trash’… Surely, not everything can fall into those categories. My toothbrush… It doesn’t ‘spark joy’ when I hold it in my hand. But I need it all the same. My teeth thank me for having one. As does anyone I ever talk to no doubt! The three extras though – they can probably go.

The one aspect of the ‘spark joy’ approach, that I can see working for me is when it comes to looking at new purchases. I think my version of living a life with less, is more about focusing on being honest with myself bout the life I have.

I don’t need 20 pairs of heels. Especially not 20 pairs of slightly dodgy, not particularly classy heels; that I gathered pair by pair throughout my youth… and held onto for no reason what so ever… This little lady lives in a field. And that means high heeled occasions are few and far between.

Infact – due to a gift from JD Williams; shoes have been my first point of clear out! I am trying to instil a quality not quantity approach to my shoes and clothing. And these Rockport babies are certainly a welcome addition. In fact – after a couple of outings I am delighted to report that my new shoes are outrageously comfortable. I can see why one good pair of heels might be the only ones I need!

Here’s to the rest of the household next…..