A pending new addition to the family….

My little sister is pregnant – very pregnant, MASSIVELY pregnant!

The little blighter is trying to bust it’s way out through her belly button as we speak. And I am way behind on my Aunty Laura shopping….. And Im not sure why as despite my non love ( yes I know Im mean ) of tiny people, I am all over the tiny clothing. Mini versions of regular clothes? I love ’em. Clothes I wish I could wear but I cant get away with baby animal print & onsies…. Im majorly jealous ♥

So I thought I would share with you some what I have been window shopping for in advance…..


♥ Cutesy Onsies – I am pretty sure these are top of all baby packing lists, I cant understand why anyone would dress a tiny baby in anything but a onsie ( ok I know they are called baby grows… ) Wrestling trousers and a shirt onto a mini being? WHY?? Especially when baby onsies are so damn sweet! At the moment I am eyeing a selection on Petit-Bateau – spots & stars – so adorable, and perfect for a boy or a girl 🙂

♥ First Christmas Decorations – Babies & Christmas…. is there a better excuse to buy sickly sentimental odds and ends? Not on the high street is one of my favourite shops, and it does not disappoint on the baby pressies! Check out this little Angel – what a looker!


♥ New baby card – So I might be right back at the 1st Christmas theme, but when I spotted this card on Rachels shop I knew I would be needing one…. I mean really, how could I not! It has all of my favourite things going on. Personalised, deer, dated loveliness 😀

♥ Books – It might seem a wierd one, as surely babies dont read…. but baby books are soooo lovely. And I am sure babies like to be read to, even if they dont just know exactly whats going on just yet. My top 2 have a bit of a theme going on, but its a nice theme…. How to catch a star & Laura’s Star ∗

♥ Lovely things for existing munchkins – big brothers and sisters need to feel important too, cos lets face it , they are gonna be the main source of education for child number 2! I intend to spend much time with my neice whilst number two is still a sqidge ball. Babies aren’t my cup of tea, so ill be happy to be out doing the fun bits with the larger of the two – and I’m sure they’re mam will be happy to get a break from tornado toddler 😉

what do you tend to buy new mini folk in your life? Do you have a favourite gift you received at such a time?