A Yummy Sunday in Belfast City!

the older i get – the weaker & weaker the pull towards the big city gets – that is apart from when it comes to food!

and when it comes from my family – they are city folk – not a hen or dog amongst em lol

so when Dad came to visit field cottage – it wasnt long before a trip into Belfast came about ( i dont live in the middle of no where or anything – field cottage is about 25mins from the bright lights lol ) & with it being a market day, for St Georges Market, I was really happy to oblige.

after a quick sweep of the market – & a decision to come back later to pick up some treats – tummys where rumbling!

now – dont let me suggest there is no food to eat at the market – especially on a Sunday – this is far from the truth. There are many yummy offerings! But if you want to dine in the market – arrive early ( not like us tardy folk ) because seating is at high demand. And I have never mastered the skill of eating standing up lol

so we settled on popping into Avoca – just a short wander away! Last time i was in Belfast with Dad we went here – & loved the gentle buzz and comfy easy going feel – so it fitted this Sunday vibe nicely!


something that always wins brownie point with me – is a ncie menu of non alcoholic drinks! – I have been known to very much enjoy a beverage of the alcoholic kind – but we cant all drink all of the time! And i am no fan of coca-cola products….

when we arrived we where greeted by a big jug of iced water – with healthy cutting of mint plonked into the middle – such a simple touch – but makes all the difference.

then we ordered a jug of still homemade lemonade to share – at £5.95 this may appear expensive at first glance – but when you consider the thirst quenching citrus kick – accompanied by many a fresh berry ( that we endeavoured to poke all out with a straw ) & the fact it was all we need for the entirety of the meal – it was fantastic value! Just think of the price of 2 beers….. other places should take a leave outta this book!


As usual – our eyes where HUGE – slightly more so than our belly – and we decided to get a sharing platter to start.

Charcuterie & cheese platter, marinated olives , tomato pesto , hummus ,
terrine & chargrilled olive bread 13.50 (starter for 2 or main for 1)
also available as a vegetarian option £12.25

At £13.50 this may be a little more expensive than it is really worth – but enjoyable none the less. The tomato pesto was really special – I meant to hunt out some in the store but it is probably more logical to hunt out a recipe! One piece of cheese also doesnt really add up to make a cheese platter – i think it was a pecorino – tasty again – but …..


The menu had a good amount of very interesting options – so we opted to share 🙂

Dads choice is above

Spanish meatballs, chorizo & butterbean casserole served with couscous,
chargrilled olive bread and sour cream. £12.25


and we added the steak sandwich to that 😀

Dry aged sirloin steak sandwich with toasted ciabatta, caramelized
onions, rocket & chunky chips cooked in duck fat. £13.95

 both of these where very enjoyable – & hearty meals – we struggled lol but we got there in the end! The meatballs in particular where really good – nice moist meatballs – with fabulous accompaniments. I have always enjoyed cous cous here – and this was in exception. A something different to the norm! We couldnt fit in more of there lightly toasted bread… but I am sure it is just as nice as it was with the starter ( slight bread over load! ) The steak snadwich was lovely and juicy. I wasnt asked how i wanted the steak cooked ( RARE RARE RARE if you ever need to know 😉 )   but despite this being a slight worry to start with it turned out just fine. And with the incredible amount of onion chutney – was very enjoyable – and pretty good value!

we didnt think we could manage a desert so we wobbled back to the market

where i promptly changed my mind lol


faced with Lily Pink Bakery who wouldnt 😉


i truddled off home with a peanut butter & banana cupcake, and a marshmallow dream ( oh how i love it sweet sugariness ) to enjoy at home when my swollen stomach reduced to normal size 🙂

a lovely day i would recommend to you all 😀

I put this post together for Belfast Bloggers Unite  a great project to get us all blogging together 🙂 You can find the other entries at http://onetopicfortyopinions.tumblr.com/ Our topic this month was ‘eating out’ next month its ‘Sunday’ looks like i shoulda held onto this one till next month *rolls eyes*