Contributing Writers

I am lucky enough to have two wonderful ladies regularly contributing some cracking content for you to enjoy. Both of which are following different journeys than I – meaning they have a fresh take for you to enjoy!


Jools joined the DDF team in October 2015 as a contributor of recipes, DIYs and general snippets of life.

Like Laura, Jools spends a disproportionate amount of time thinking about food (and wine!). She has a big beardy husband at home and they are blessed with two tiddlers to keep them busy. Unfortunately, they all like to eat very different things, meaning Jools has to do a lot of experimenting in the hope that she can discover some dishes they all like… Fingers crossed she’ll come up with some stuff that we might like too!

She’s a County Down girl, born and raised and living back in her hometown with husband, kids and assorted animals. One dog, a lot of chickens and a few pheasants at the minute! They grow a lot of fruit and veg and a local beekeeper (ahem… her father-in-law) has a few hives in the back garden too, so a lot of their food doesn’t travel far to reach their plates.

When Jools is not thinking about food you can find her out exploring with the kids or buried under a pile of yarn and fabric. She loves getting out and about and when the inclement weather (and let’s face it, Northern Ireland has a lot of inclement weather!) forces her indoors she’s more than happy to be at home making stuff. Jools doesn’t mind what she makes just so long as she’s doing something crafty. Hopefully we can look forward to a few DIY posts on the horizon ♥

Twitter @Jubublian / Instagram @Jubublian / Pinterest @Jubublian


Hilary joins the DDF team as of July 2017. She has been a sporadic blogger on her own domain, but has joined the DDF team with a renewed vigour for the written word. Hilary will be sharing her on going mission to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle. Bit by bit – The good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Her life revolves around her home and family, with an awesome husband and rascal of a mini me called Ellen. A total homebird, Hils still lives in the very village she grew up in. A mere 20mins from Belfast, the big smoke she travels to for work each day!

It’s no surprise that as a member of the DDF team, Hils is a an advocate of local food and drink; never tiring in her support of our food and drink producers. Like many of us, Hilary also loves to get lost in a good book. Cooking or otherwise! And can be fanatical about beautiful stationary… It’s the little things in life that bring us great joy!

Hilary is recent running convert – who is slowly, but surely developing a healthier lifestyle. Her new passion for running, can only be out weighed by her ongoing passions for food and gin…

Instagram @theshrinkingfoodqueen