Adding a British twist with Lea & Perrins


I love my food – as you well know by now. And I love finding new tweaks that can transform a favourite into something new. So when the Sorted Food guys and Lea and Perrins got in contact with me – I was excited to see what they had come up with!

Everything from Italian to British has had the Lea & Perrins treatment – and with Italian food being one of my favorites I thought I would start of with a comfort food favourite -lasagna! ♥ Lasagna with a British twist!

After trying the recipe myself – and making only a few minor changes ( mainly down to my cupboard missing bay leaves ) I can tell you the Lea & Perrins adds a lovely depth to the recipe, a richness that complements the stock & red wine wonderfully. I would certainly recommend any one gives the recipe a go. I’m currently eyeing up the Baked Eggs! And a Bloody Mary wouldnt go to waste 😉


Like a lot of us, I’m often guilty of missing the obvious, and I challenge you to find a household that does not have a bottle of Worcestershire sauce comfortably nestled in one of the cupboards. And its about time you out it to good use jazzing up a few of those favourites!

Id love to hear if you try this, or any of the recipes the Sorted guys have come up with. Or, even better what dishes you like to give the Lea & Perrins treatment!