Afternoon Tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa – Yes Please!

Afternoon tea – you just love it dont you?

Those ickle bickle sandwiches, perfect mini bakes and masses of tea…. I mean really, what’s not to love?!

And you know what makes such experiences even better? Blooming gorgeous surroundings that’s what! And gorgeous is something Afternoon Tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa is brimming over with.

That river ….. don’t even start me ♥

Afternoon Tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa

Nearly a month ago a friend and I treated ourselves to a relaxing afternoon tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa. Now – I was already a HUGE fan of the Spa, having been a few times for pampering breaks and hen parties. But it was a first for me when it came to afternoon tea there. My partner in crime for the day was a seasoned pro!

I was not disappointed. I loved the way the savoury and sweet courses were split – with you choosing your sandwich, and it arriving oh so prettily, on a little slate for you to enjoy. I ordered the roast beef and horseradish, which was awesome. It was accompanied by a selection of other small bites including the smallest brioche ham & piccalilli roll – props to the baker, baking that size is no mean feat!

Afternoon Tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa

Then we got down to business – with a cake stand full of treats. Pineapple and coconut scones guys – these are something you NEED. The menu does however change seasonally, so expect changes. But going by how appetising this selection was I would not be worried! Infact I am sure to test it again in the Autumn so I’ll report back 😉

As long as the selection always promises to include one of those heavenly light, yet crisp macarons …….

Afternoon Tea at Galgorm Resort & Spa
Afternoon Tea at Galgorm Resort & SpaUnfortunately I havent managed to fit any afternoon teas into #AfternoonTeaWeek – but I have done admirably well throughout the years. Norr and Brown in Saintfield and Hillstown Farm Shop in Ballymena were two of the highlights. But I am certain there are more to come!

Do you have a favourite haunt for afternoon tea? I’d love to hear all about it!