afternoon tea treat

big changes mean big treats – so after our weekend of pop up belfast excitement – a monday afternoon, following the merchant hotel theme of luxurious treats – i headed off for afternoon tea

the great room is the perfect location for such a treat – as we snuck to the bathroom before taking our seats – we where giggling and whispering to each other like school girls. Wishing we could come from a world where this amount of decadence is the norm, where our hair would be set in rollers, and our wardropes bursting at the seams for floor length gowns …..

unfortunately a car was involved in this day of treats ( mainly cos we had to shoot of to La Mon for a Tiny Life Pamper Evening afterwards! ) so we both had to miss out on the champagne – however the tea was simple delicious – i had the ‘apple loves mint’ it was so flavoursome and had lovely floral notes due to the pretty little rose buds in it! My partner in crime went for the ‘merchant blend’ and enjoyed it very much so!

 the afternoon tea stand arrived in style – and we gazed in awe at the amount of mini delights we had to sqeeze into our little bodies! However we needed of worried – we managed admirably – with the few left overs being packed away for my friends Mum – afternoon tea & brownie points! what more could you wish for!

you see those little quiche type fellas on the bottom shelf – they where GORGEOUS – my brain was full of fairies, so unfortunately I was unable to identify the flavours, and I completely forgot to ask – but I could eat them all day!

after nearly 2 hours whittering away and munching on little bits of goodness – our coats where wrapped around our shoulders and off we went – full of sugar & happiness

i plan to head back again for my Mums birthday in october – and maybe we will link it up to a treatment in the spa 😉

the one thing that sticks in my mind after my trip ( mainly due to my nosiness ) was the loving treatment the dearest old lady sat on the table beside us received.  Nothing was too much trouble, and nothing needed to be asked for – the wheelchair and numerous shopping bags, where whisked away in mere seconds – and a big fluffed pillow appeared with in a heartbeat, as someone, somewhere, had obviously noticed the ladies mini stature, and popped it in behind her for a bit of support.

Her day was made, and mine too – it’s funny how these simple acts of kindness are often missed – but they make all the difference. This could probably warrant a post all of its own. It’s hard for me to understand sometimes, is this down the the fabulous training they receive, or do they simply employ very nice people? Because to me, this is the type of service I would like to, and strive to provide, in any circumstance – however, I am more than aware this type of treatment would seldom be in occurrence….. Can anyone offer an explanation?