Anti Man-flu Soup

the past week or so i have been smitted by a dose of the man – flu

i only call it man flu due to my terrible ability to complain as much as a man…. possibly even more

boy, have i been complaining a bit….

so i trundled off home early from work on monday & swung past the garage for some sweetcorn

two big ole bags of sweetcorn – 800grams of which to be exact


and an onion & five garlic cloves

yes…. five – they are the secret man – flu attacking ingredient 😉 my breath may of smelt bad afterwards – but no one wants to get that close to a snotty grumpy fluey Laura anyhow so never mind…


they get gently fried off to start with, in some olive oil / rapeseed oil / any oil ya like


then i added these little fellas – they may look small and silly, but they pack a punch! I grew them myself 😉 i also left them on the little planty for far too long myself, hence their shrivelledupness ….. opps……


add 750ml of veggi stock


chuck in all that sweetcorn & bubble it away for ten minutes of so

then stick the blender in and blitz it all up

you’ll probs end up with lotsa little husky bits in the soup – i dont mind this so much – and I am far to lazy to sieve the stuff – especially with man – flu

 minimal- effort required please….


serve with creme fraiche & a good magazine ( whoop christmas! ) & preferably a duvet

my man – flu is nearly gone – so musta done something right 😉