BOXA fish for tea

This months Boxa delivery included a lovely box of fish from Rathlin Island Seafoods

Full to the brim with white crab meat, monkfish tails, Glashin & Lythe fillets ( black & white coley )

First out of the box is always a couple of tubs of crab – they didnt make it very far…. being wolfed down on top of some crusty toast with plenty of butter & lemon – & a little chilli – yummy 😉

second – was some Glashin fillets – and a very tasty tea they made!

Honey, Sesame & Soy Glashin Fillets

( or any white fish 😉 )

( inspired by a salmon recipe in my actifry book 🙂 )


this is seriously one of the easiest dinners i have made for a while – aided by the pure amazingness of my actify but equally easy in a frying pan!

2 fillets of Glashin – diced

2 tbsp of sesame seeds

1 tbsp of soy sauce

2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of lemon juice

mix all the ingredients together and leave for at least 15 minutes – i guess you dont have too – but it certainly helps the flavour develop!

then – if you are lucky enough to own an actifry – bung it all in and set the timer for 15mins – itll be perfect 🙂 pop your rice on too – or noodles if you wish…..

mmmm yes – this would go well with noodles – maybe better than rice actually …… never mind – which ever you fancy!

if you dont have an actifry – bung it all into a frying pan on a medium heat & stir occasionally until the fish is cooked through – i recon itd be around 10 minutes but keep an eye out!

and thats it – healthy tasty dinner ready to go! Jamies 30 minute meals have nothing on me 😉