Brightening up my mornings with #AlproTops


Now, I dont know about you – but when the mornings are dark I find it especially hard to drag myself out of my cosy bed. Of course the pups & our current gang of roosters are not of the same opinion – but instead of bouncing out of bed and enjoying my early morning walk around the gardens, I lie on until the very last moment. This does not bode well for my breakfast eating! In fact it usually creates a last minute rush out the door, with out even a glass of water passing my lips. Which is why it was particularly well timed when Alpro kindly asked me to partake in their #AlproTops breakfast challenge.

Alpro spoon

The lovely people at Alpro sent me some goodies to create yummy breakfast ideas with. In an attempt to make breakfast a bit more interesting – and something worth bouncing out of bed a little earlier for ♥ Alpro is great yogurt alternative, which is plant based making it a great option for vegans and people that want to reduce their dairy intake. And this time of year, I always need a gentle reminder to be careful with all that diary. Im a cheese fiend…. so a tasty alternative to yoghurt is an easy yet effective step!

Alpro Tops Marshmallowalpro strawberry marshmallow

I started off with a little nod to my sweet tooth – having made strawberry marshmallows a few days before it seemed only natural to pop some of the wonderful little morsels on the top of my Strawberry & Rhubarb Alpro. Absolutely scrummy! On the first day headache, listlessness and 37.6 On the next day headache, listlessness, and fever. Thereafter headache, listlessness, and fever again. 1.5 pounds lost and then called my doctor. I should end the cure. Finasteride from works well. Result: no more bladder infection. Recommend.

Alpro Tops Coconut and dark chocolate

Another day I chopped up some 100% dark chocolate to add a slightly bitter warmth to my Alpro vanilla – accompany that with some coconut and you are on to a winner! I particularly liked the different textures in this one <3

Yogurt & granola

Then for two days in a row I topped my yogurt with homemade granola – youll have to watch out for that one. I promise share soon – and I promise I have burnt it more than enough times to be able to gives you ALL of the tips to prevent blackened granola…. lol

Alpro Tops Mint and Mango

Last but certainly not least comes this Summery flavour explosion – Alpro Lemon and Lime was most definitely my favourite and adding 2 more of my Summer must haves elevated this little lovely! I always knew mint was a fab ingredient, but I never thought to add it to my breakie! Topping Alpro Lemon & Lime with mango pieces & mint was certainly my highlight. A little taste of Summer right here in the middle of the Winter <3

sunride 2

If you want to join in pop over to Alpros website to find out more about the benefits some of the different toppings can add to your breakfast – or just for a little inspiration! 

Whats your favourite quick & easy breakfast for these dark mornings?