Bye Bye Cuthbert

So we always knew the day would come when some of our flock had to go – and when I decided to breed my own little balls of fluff earlier this year, I knew I may get more cockerels than we could really house.



So when our first 3 chicks all ended up as pullets ( little girlies ) I got carried away and decided I would let another of our broodies sit on. And didnt her little clutch end up as four little boys!


I knew when these little combs started peaking up – so bright red compared to my last lot – that I was likely to have 4 boys, but I didnt want to say it was so till a bit later on lol


So when a certain Cutherbert ( you can see him here on the left, the golden boy ) decided he was going to try and separate his own harem of young impressionable ladies & make a new home up the big ever green we where approaching the day we had been putting off.

But once he decided 4am was morning time – the decision was made! We need our sleep, and after a few days of this we where at breaking point.

It was a hard decision – and certainly not taken easily – but no matter how you look at it, this little fellow, and his white friend who took over harem duty the day after Cuthberts departure probably had the best life of any chicken Ive eaten. Raised by their Mummy – Totally free range ( my flock could go shopping in Dublin if they took the notion ;)) – Bugs & worms galore to help their diet along – lotsa friends to cuddle, play & fight with…. anything a chuck could want! Along with a quick death 🙁 without having to first travel miles crammed into horrible boxes…. urgh – dont get me started!

RIP Cuthbert & Whitey – and thank you x

image (8)

Thankfully, Matt stepped up to the plate and did the deed but the next step is the cooking, and thats down to me – now we just need to get over the eating stage! I cant lie and say Im not a little concerned….

Cockerel curry here I come!