Cheats Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is something I love – major amount of loves….

Love it on toast, love it on bagels, love it in between cakes, love it on a spoon…. yeap you heard me, totally eating the lemon curd straight off the spoon!

curd loveliness

But Im also in the lazy moment – lazy, cold, windy days, that NEED something you love, but dont need the big ol’e pot of bubbling hotness

And voila – the microwave is our friend! I use mine very little, but recently I have heard of a few sneaky ways to maximize its usefulness! ( One of those ways is cake – but Im still debating the cake thing… I will share, dont worry )

photo 2 (2)


You will see in my snaps that I used 3 eggs, but I state 2 in the recipe! I used eggs from my little ladies, but they lay a wonderment of sizes. So I put 3 little ones into this recipe – shop bought large eggs, I would go for 2!


Ya see that sieve full of goo? Yeah thats egg whites, cooked egg white! But dont worry if it happens to you too, it doesnt effect the final product…. just looks a bit ucky!photo (8)