A Christmas Gift from Me to You!

imag7076-01.jpegIt’s blooming close to Christmas isn’t it?!


The festive spirit is flowing. The Christmas gifts are wrapped. Im spending as much time as possible drinking festive coffees and listening to the cheesiest music possible. When I’m not in work that is… I was wise though, and had my presents selected and wrapped well in advance. No last minute panics in Field Cottage. Other than on Matt’s behalf that is!

The gifting process is the best part isn’t it? Well, probably apart from the food! That’s why when the wonderful folk at Penguin Books sent me two of my favourite cookbooks to giveaway I couldn’t wait to run a festive giveaway for you lovely people.

The Happy Pear & Made in India

Happy Pear Festive giveaway
Made in India Festive Giveawat

The Happy Pear cookbook is a real treat to carry forward into the new year with you. You will know from my recipe posts that I am not what you may describe as a ‘healthy eater’ but I appreciate a tasty recipe, whatever it may include. David & Stephen Flynn’s book is full of such concoctions. The Spanish Chickpea and Potato Bake is incredible. The Beetroot, Walnut and Feta Burgers come highly recommended and are most definitely on my ‘to make’ list!

Made in India by Meera Sodha is full of all the dishes you would ever need for an EPIC Indian feast. Even down to the sweet stuff! The Love Cake and Coconut Milk-Fudge are superb. I am most looking forward to trying out the Indian Icecream recipes. And pretty much ALL of the savoury dishes too. I think I am just gonna have to start at page 1 and work my way through. 2016 the year of non-stop Indian food!

Not only will the winner have these two awesome cookbooks to start 2016’s meals off on the right foot. But I am also including some sweet treats from some cracking local companies. Velvety fudge from Abernethy Butter, wonderfully buttery shortbread from Deli Muru and rich dark chocolate from Cobden + Brown. Some tasty munchies to keep you company while you plan some sensational dinner partied to welcome in the new year!

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Happy Christmas lovelies ♥