Comfort food

Every one knows the ultimate comfort food is cheese on toast – right?

Ive always been a bit of a traditionalist with my cheese on toast – cheese on bread – thats it! Nothing else, unless Im feeling fancy , then I might splash out on some brown sauce 😉

But after Matt arrived home with a loaf of beautiful sour dough bread from the newly opened Patisserie Mimi I knew I had to whip up something a little more fancy for our lunch.

Ultimate Cheese on Toast

( made 3 generous slices )

3 chunky slices of your favourite bread ( I recommend this one 😉 )

2 generous tbsp

30g butter

300ml milk

120g strong cheddar cheese ( this was all the cheese i had in the house – it worked well though )

1 egg yolk

2 tsp english mustard

PicFrame (9)

1) Pop the grill on to heat – and toast you bread ( Ill assume you can all toast bread and leave this bit to you 😉 )

2) Over a medium heat make a roux with your flour and butter – slowly melt your butter and mix with the flour into a thick gloppy consistency. Please be careful not to burn!

3) Then add your milk, little by little, whilst whisking away. The roux will mix with the milk, gradually thickening it up. Whisk until smooth.

4) Add the cheese, stir till combined and remove from heat.

5) Stir in the english mustard and add your egg yolk.

6) Spoon onto toasted bread & pop under grill.

7) Watch closely, until cheesey goodness is beginning to bubble

8) EAT – Mine came with a big cosy mug of tea on the side 😉


Perfect 🙂 and nearly as quick as my normal way! Im not turning back now!