Craft bug – Mood / Notice board :)

I like stationary – i like stationary a lot….

So when I was waiting to meet my dad & bro before the rugby yesterday I took the opportunity to have a quick nosey around paperchase – and imagine the excitement when it turned out to have a sale!

Unfortunately I only had a matter of minutes to whip round, so didnt get to fully explore the treats on offer – but did manage to get some beautiful paper tape

image (1)

I had been on the look out to complete a super easy DIY i have just completed – when I say completed I make it sound like a big job….. it wasnt lol

image (3)

image (2)

I had this random ( read – of no logical use lol ) bath matt type thingy & had been looking for a nice notice board for a while – so when the inspiration hit me i whipped out the chalk paint again & got my paint on!

image (4)

chalk paint always reqiures a few coats – but it dries so quickly you can easily get something done in the course of a day! and with the great washi tape it means i wont be getting any sad patches with the paint pulled off when i change my mind about what i wanna look at!

i started putting bits & pieces on the board today! Now just to get it on the kitchen wall!

image (6)