Dear Jemima ( 4 )

Good morning my sweetheart – 2 months between contact ….. You should really find yourself a better aunty 😉

The babies must be big by now! Not babies anymore? I am sure they had you tortured – but you love being a mammy, don’t you?

I also agree with your prediction of beautiful babies with the 7 dwarfs 😀 or with one of them anyway 😉 are there any romantic sparks? They do look handsome – pretty like you

Everything is starting to waken up in the gardens – after a long sleepy winter. A winter that came back & bite everyone with way too much snow 🙁 but signs are Spring is on route – I love the cold crisp weather!



It’s about time too really – after all the coldness we’ve been having!

I’m hoping for a warmer spring / summer this year…. Do you lot like sunshine? I guess you must get some awful sunburn with that pale skin of yours? My slightly ginger hair and pale skin aren’t the best for the sun, but it is good for the soul!

I want a bit of sunshine to help me grow some veggi’s – last year they all drowned 🙁 a very unsuccessful growing time…. My first go at it too! Talk of disheartening!

I wish I was as good at growing things as your lady farmer! She gifted me some raspberry canes when we where down visiting – I hope to get some fruit this year – they are the healthiest looking plant in my garden!!!


Much love n wishes

Laura x

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