Dear Jemima


I am starting to write this letter to you whilst on a plane to London – I intended to write much earlier, but time has a way of running away with you sometimes. Just ask the other humans – they’ll understand!

Your humans did indeed tell me about your babies – I have been staring at them lovingly ever since, & showing then off at each & every opportunity! Everyone agrees, they are the prettiest babies we have ever seen! Do you think they will keep their stripes forever?

I have been thinking hard about your naming predicament – with so many little folk to name! And I think I have found the perfect solution – with the thanks of Beatrix Potter! She was the inspiration for your name – Jemima is the name of one of her characters ( a puddle duck to be exact ) who is a lovely caring soul who just wants to being up a family, and ( once she over comes a few horrible troubles ) makes a brilliant mummy ( just like you! ) And she is also one of my all time favourite people – being very creative, & also having a strong involvement with natural science & conservation ( she was a founding member of the national trust, & is credited with preserving much of the area that now makes up the lake district national park – And a keen farmer! )

But getting to the point….. ( sorry i got carried away ) she has a large number of fabulous characters you could name your little sweethearts after!

Peter ( Rabbit ), Jeremy ( Fisher ), Benjamin ( Bunny ), Simpkin ( from the tailor of Gloucester ), Nutkin ( Squirrel ), Flopsy & Mopsey ( Peter Rabbits sisters ), Tom Thumb & Hunca Munca ( the tale of two bad mice ), Pie & Patty Pan, Robinson ( The tale of little pig Robinson ), Ginger & Pickles!

Maybe you can find some you like there?

How is the feeding going? Baby humans can be terribly trying when it comes to feeding time, & adult humans just the same! Your little ones will learn to love all the fresh veggies they are given – you just have to stick at it! You want them to grow up strong & healthy! Too many human parents give in too easily – or just can’t be bothered – and end up with unhealthy lifestyles – not understanding the value of fresh seasonal food. You are lucky your humans understand! It is part of why they only have the best for you!

I love the photos Mona took of you and the wee’uns, and in turn her wee’uns – looking beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€

I am hoping to come as visit at the end of June – I am sure I will hardly notice the babies from these photos! But I loom forward to meeting them, & you all the same!ย Matt ( the male human in my household ) is secretly plotting to pigletnap a couple of your little’uns – so we better keep an we on him!

I already have my Wellies packed!

Much love




p.s. i finished this post back at home, after my holiday to London – the gardens seems to of gone crazy in only a few days!