dreaming kitchens!




















this week i have been spending ( slightly ) more time than usual thinking about how i would love a pretty kitchen 🙁

yeah i know what you are thinking – my kitchen cant be that bad – trust me – it is – you can fit 2 people in it as long as they dont move – and it was kitted out in the 18th century!

one day i might show you all – but i doubt it somehow *embaressed*



i found this kitchen here – they call it medieval english – but me it looked super french somehow? maybe i have my countries muggled up…. any how, i love it – it looks countrysidey! Maybe a litte on the dark side though – all the part you cant see would need to be windows! Hot sink though right?!?!



not so keen on this actual kitchen i found here – but i LOVE the blackboard recipe board – very sweet idea



adore this kitchen from here – pretty close to my idea – the rough idea anyhow – i love the colours and idea behind the tiling behind the aga – even the cute curtains make me smile!



these cupboards from here are super gorgeous – look so antiquey ( ok so that isnt a real word… )




i love the storage in the background here – i have so much stuff it be great to log it all away in a nice display!




loving the shelving / storage again here – i would adore this space for all of Matts pottery i am to sneaking into the house bit by bit!!!



such a pretty table from here – i would love love love to get my hands on something like this and sand it down and give it a lick of white wash 😀



i spy – with my little eye – a super pink smeg fridge here



and last but not least – lush walls here – totally adore this white wooden panels 😀


ahhhh – a girl can dream! day dream even 😉