Slow Down Sunday – #EarlyBirdChallenge

This year, I choose a word to live by…. yes, I know its all a bit hipster – but give me a chance to explain….

My word was ’embrace’ – Embrace the moment, embrace your time with friends & family, embrace your time alone – EMBRACE LIFE. I seem to spend so much time rushing through tasks, even if they arent tasks that require any speed – and even when I have nothing better to do once Im finished than watch reruns on TV….. #notcool Whats with that? Please tell me it isnt just me….

But its December, and although Ive found myself slowing down a little, holding my phone a little less & chillaxing a little more – Ive hit a speed bump, the crazy season is here! Work days get busier, home time gets less & social activities start appearing at times Id usually expect to be in bed – So when the team at Free Office Finder approached me about taking part in their #earlybirdchallenge I was more than happy to join in! If any spare time is to be found, it is going to be before the sun rises – or at least as the sun rises! I also have some great buddies ( read dogs ) that would love me to get my butt into gear an hour or so earlier than usual….. And if there is something that is even more special before the rest of the world wakes up, it is most certainly the great outdoors.

Queue one very early Sunday stroll ♥

moonfirst light dakotamattdak cwtch


Will you take up the #EarlyBirdChallenge? I would love to see how you use your extra hours. Maybe it would be the perfect time to read a book & drink some tea….