Easter gifts for all of the family!

Easter is one of those things that sneaks up on me – I can never prepare myself for the occasion. I am constantly promising myself that I’ll make my own – and perhaps one day I will. But for the mean time I will be grateful for Marks and Spencers* for providing me with the easy option. An easy option that doesnt break the bank, yet packs a punch when it comes to gifting! They really have some fabulous items this year – and Ive picked out my favourites for all the family!

m&s collage


– Tweeting Egg box for the little lady in your life. Its a great way to split up the chocolate with a little bit of candy. A certain niece of mine is going to be chuffed with this box of chicks!

– Captain Eggwash Pirate. For the lads – or of course the little tomboys. I know one who is gonna go crazy for this little chap! Argh!

– Honeycomb Egg. Absolutely gorgeous honeycomb egg, with heather honey chocolates. Im not gonna lie – I bought these for myself… and I already know its gorgeous. #earlyeaster 😉

– Caramelised Swirl Egg. This ones for my Dad, shhhhhh don’t tell him yet!

– Coffee Lovers Egg. This one looks damn good – Im looking forward to a taste of this. Even though its not for me. Hazelnut in the egg? Im loving this new thing of having eggs with nuts, honeycomb or other goodies within the chocolate.

Are you ready for Easter? Have a good one 😀