Breakfast at The Errigle Inn

The Errigle Inn

Jools and I headed to The Errigle Inn for breakfast on Sunday -here’s what she has to say about our lazy brunch ♥

Many moons ago, when I lived in Belfast, one of my top spots for a few beers was the Errigle Inn on the Ormeau Road. I’m not sure if I ever darkened its doors when there wasn’t a pint or two in the offing, so when The Errigle Inn invited us up to the Errigle for brunch with the girls ( Sarah and her buddy Shannon ) I have to say I was a bit wary. It’s not somewhere I would have ever considered going for a fry nevermind anything more cosmopolitan!

It definitely felt a bit odd going into a bar at ten in the morning but I needn’t have worried. All the things I loved about going there for a pint were the same, the staff were friendly and helpful. There was a pleasant, cosy atmosphere and even though the fireplace we sat beside didn’t have a fire blazing there were plenty of TV screens showing roaring fires, which was a nice touch because it was flippin freezing outside.

Breakfast at The Errigle Inn

There was a good selection of tasty looking food, and I was pleased to see there were offerings for kiddies too (nice to know the littles are welcome if I can’t get out without them!). After a bit of indecision I opted for less of coffee, pancakes, bacon & maple syrup. I did drool a bit over the eggs benedict Laura & Shannon chose but spinach seemed a bit too healthy a choice for me for Sunday brunch! Also after seeing Sarah’s breakfast I’m pretty glad I didn’t go for the fry. It was so huge I’m afraid it may have finished me off. I just about managed to squeeze my own massive brekkie in.

Good company, loadsa food, lashings of coffee and a cosy place to sit. All in all it could have been a lot worse! The Errigle is definitely a spot worth considering for your next Sunday brunch. I know I’ll definitely be back!

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Have you ever been to The Errigle Inn? For lunch or otherwise? What are you favourite local breakfast spots?