Ethical Eats in Belfast

A couple of months ago Leisure Range Cooker’s reached out to me for some sponsored content creation I couldn’t resist. They wanted to create a food map of the UK – detailing where you can go for tasty, ethical and sustainable food. And I was to focus on Belfast, and the surrounding area.

What a brilliant fit this project was – allowing me to showcase some of my very favourite locations, and producers to a wider audience. And to discover what my peers selected from their area of the UK too! Fab! I am also a huge fan of graphics – so was excited to know they were going to create an interactive food map from the content.

Ethically produced food is gaining momentum, with more and more people rightfully demanding to know the provenance of their food.

This has thankfully led to more places selling and producing ethical and sustainable food. The increase in demand means farmer’s markets are growing in popularity, size and frequency; allowing small producers greater opportunities to reach their customer base. Deli’s and restaurants with a clearer focus on local produce are thriving – and we can only hope this trend continues! I detailed many of my local favs in the Greater Belfast area – from markets to restaurants, to coffee shops and breweries. So it’s a great place to start exploring.

Browse the complete article here. And to let me know if you have anything to add. I am always keen to discover know places to eat, drink and shop!