February Game Plan

January was a busy ol’e month – My little sister got hitched!

louise wedding

Ehmagewd!!! I know right …… ( note Louise & I’s matching faces 😉 )


I spent most of the day with my delightful little niece – she is perfect #justsaying                     There are no words the describe how lovely it was to fall asleep chatting to this little woman, and wake up with her holding on to my hand. I have never had any ideas about having my own children – and I still dont ( do not worry Potter Matt ) but I am so glad my sister bought this little woman into my life. And I hope she wants me to be in hers FOREVER lol

ANYHOWS…… So February…….. There are things I should do – and writing them down SHOULD help – so here goes!

A Bad Habit I am going to break This seems a bit adventurous! Breaking a bad habit in a month sounds like something I would stuggle with….. BUT it is good to have a aim….. I think this month should be the month I try to make my mornings sunnier! Mornings need to be a time for smiles, and bouncing out of bed – not curling up & growling at the potter until I simply must move. Its a hard one, but I DO NOT need all that extra morning grumpy sleep. It isnt real sleep, and I am seldom in bed after 10.30, so 7.30 should be an early time to bounce out of bed. Thats 9 hours of sleep for crying out loud!

A new skill Id like to learn Not so much a new skill, but my crochet blanket needs a little dedication, and hopefully when its done I will be chuffed with my crochet prowess! And surely that will be one stitch mastered – a new skill learnt 😉

A place Id like to visit Not far from me at all is a place where the birds hang out – that place is WWT Castle Espie And I am sorry to say I have never visited! Or maybe I have done…. but it must of been a good while ago if I did. I am making the Potter take me this month for sure. I will also make a good outing for my new camera. She needs a good run!

A book Id like to read My buddy @ShakeySemple gave me the lovely @TrishDeseine book for Christmas – The Paris Gourmet – It is soooo pretty. And I cant wait to get dug in properly. Now to organise a trip so I can out all my new knowledge into practice!

A letter I am going to write I have a good few letters to write this month. I am taking part in two fun projects in 2014 which I will fill you in on at a later date. But as a sneak preview they are Spark Connections – which is a monthly international pen pal link up. And A Bright Project which aims to help you SHINE through little monthly challenges! A Bright Project website is under construction. Ill fill you in when it launches!

A new food Id like to try Not sure if this counts, but I would love to try a few tasty, not entirely unhealthy soft drink recipes. Working in wine, and therefore living is a house that is full of it, means we go through phases of drinking tooooo much wine. But oddly I have soft drink buying issues. I dont know why – but paying £3 for a bottle of decent soft drink it hard to do! God knows why …… But maybe making my own will help me step over that bridge. And have a tasty soft drink to fill in the gaps of the week when we dont want wine. Im thinking cream soda….. mmmmmmmmmm

Im going to do better at Blogging? Yes I know thats boring, and what everyone talks about at the start of the month/year of whatever. But I am hoping to get myself into some kinda routine!

Maybe I will be able to do this every month, and maybe think of new sentence starters to add in. Its nice to sit down and have a little focus!