Flower Crown Party 🌸

Flower Crown Party

Who loves flower crowns? I know I do! So a flower crown party has always featured as a must do…

Flowers are up there with some of my favourite things! I especially love being able to wear flowers in my hair – who doesn’t?! It feels a bit special and definitely makes me want to float around in the sunshine feeling like a princess ♥

When I discovered Petal Studio (@petal_studio) who allow you to host your very own flower crown party in Belfast, I got very excited.  Northern Ireland always seems to be the last place to catch on to a trend, so there’s a bit of a lack of places offering good crafty courses and days out here. I’m always complaining about not being able to attend all the groovy days out across the pond – so there were no excuses here!

Aren't we lovely?!

Flower Crown Foodies

After a brief conversation with Laura – the date was booked. With any further ado, we set about gathering together a group of lassies; who we knew would be just as excited as us. We didn’t really have a reason – Who needs an excuse for a flower crown party? With good food, pretty flowers and loads of fun on the cards it didn’t take long to rally the troops!


Petal Studio is based in Conway Mill.  The building is an old linen mill in West Belfast and has been  recently renovated. Now it is the most amazing building, filled with a whole range of arty type folks and others.  It’s almost worth a visit just to see the building itself!

Abigail from Petal Studio met us in the foyer and brought us up to the studio where we were greeted with a table full of yummy treat. Our season started off very relaxed while we had a bit of time to chat and fill our bellies, so we would have enough energy to make our flower crowns 🌺🌹 🌷 🌼 🌸 This was a great opportunity to get to know Abigail a bit better – she is a truly talented lady; with design work for some of my favourite companies under her belt, including a project with Jo Malone!! We then cleared the table of all the grub – so that we had a bit of space to start the flower crown party properly.

Oh so personal

Abigail knows how to make ladies feel special!

All the delicious food!

Stuffing our faces

Abigail had made a early morning trip to the flower market, providing us with the most beautiful selection of flowers and greenery to choose from. After starring longingly at it all for a while, we went over the basics of how to make our flower crowns.  She made everything seem so effortles, that I was a bit distraught to discover that it wasn’t just as easy as she made it look. LOL! Getting the hang of wrapping things in floral tape was probably the hardest bit though. After that it was just a case of choosing lots of lovely flowers to adorn our crowns with.

Flowers everywhere!

Such pretty flowers

It takes a lot of concentration to make a flower crown

Hard at work!

I was surprised by just how long it took, roughly three hours or so. Though we were all so absorbed in making our flower crowns that the time passed in a flash. Towards the end my back definitely noticed all the standing around. I was saved by the presence of many a comfy chair!

comfy chairs for me!

Petal Studio is so pretty

Cupcake time!

Flower crowns completed we finished up with a very welcome cuppa and a cupcake from The Lily Pink Bakery. Cake in our beautiful crowns. #sorrynotsorry

The best reward

Coffee and cake

After our refueling session, Abigail took us out into the mill to find some good lighting. Next stage – a flower crown photo shoot! This finished off a wonderful collection of photographs she had been taking throughout the day. So not only did we have a stunning floral crown to take home with us – she followed up shortly after the event with LOADS of glorious photographs. The perfect way to make sure the occasion is celebrated in years to come ♥.

Just looking through all of the photos gives me the urge to make another flower crown soon! Watch this space – I might just share my attempts, hints and tips with you lovely lot… Might just have my own wee flower crown party ♥

Gorgeous girs!