The Ultimate Foodies Gift Guide

The Ultimate Foodies Gift Guide

We all have that one friend who is either always eating or thinking about food.  I think anyone that knows me can safely say that I fit into that category – I think Laura might be in there too! There’s no better gift for your gastronomically inclined friends than something that helps them along with their quest for more food. So to help you along here is my foodies gift guide!

The Food Tour

What better way to please your foodie friends than with food?  Lots of food and maybe some drink and the chance to discover something new that you mightn’t have chanced before? Number one on my foodies gift guide is the food tour. Taste & Tour  offer a selection of walking tours of Belfast and the chance to sample some amazing food and drink.  Gift vouchers are available and you can be sure to please with the gift of new and interesting food and the chance to meet similarly minded foodies.

Taste & Tour Voucher

The Cookery Class

The next best thing to going out to eat is being able to make your own gourmet dishes at home. In fact, sometimes it’s a lot better! So next on my foodies gift guide is a cookery class. Cooking at home is the best. You can be sure of your ingredients, you don’t spend as much money and you get to stay in the comfort of your own home! A cookery class is the ultimate glutton’s treat. Learn how to make your own delicious food, get to eat said food and then have the skills to recreate your dish at home.  Belfast Cookery School run a whole range of different cookery classes to suit your particular giftee’s palate and skill set.  If Belfast is a bit far to travel for you have a look online and I bet you’ll be amazed at the classes on offer close to home.

The Hamper

As I said before, there is a lot to be said for lounging at home in comfort and eating so next on my foodies gift guide is a delicious hamper! For your gluttonous homebody friends there are all sorts of delicious food based hampers available to treat them with.  Local to folks in Co. Down Indie Fude have a great selection of hampers to treat your loved ones with this Christmas.

Foodies Gift Guide - Indie Fude Hamper The Full Irish

The Gift of Dinner!

I love eating out, and if I’m eating out on someone else’s generosity then that’s even better! Being taken out for dinner is great.  There’s little as wonderful in this world as the combination of good food and good company!  If you can’t quite stretch to treating someone to a full evening out then a gift voucher for their favourite restaurant can work a treat I can highly recommend Vanilla in Newcastle – definitely one of my favourites!  If you’re not quite sure where to send them then the Belfast Restaurant Voucher can be a good compromise.  A voucher that can be used in nearly 50 different venues can’t be bad, eh?

Foodies gift guide = Vanilla Restaurant

The Cookery Book

I guess that your food obsessed friend cooks. I definitely don’t know too many food lovers that don’t love to experiment with their own creations. Being able to create tasty offerings in your own home is the food lover’s dream. The best book for them will obviously depend on what they like to eat but a firm favourite in our house is the Middle Eastern inspired Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour.

Foodies Gift Guide - Sirocco

What would the foodie in your life love for Christmas?  Have you any other ideas for me?!