galway feed number one – gourmet tart co.

im currently in galway – enjoying some down time

lotsa changes are afoot for this little inhabitant of field cottage – and a week away with people i know care, helps to clear the brain & will hopefully allow me to hit the ground running on my return – or at least put me in a great position to enjoy a fabulous evening with new friends at pop up belfast on Saturday!

i tried to do a bit of research before heading away – and particularly liked the look of this website for Gourmet Tart Co – it might of been all the pink, but I suspect it was the selection of tarts & macaroons in the pictures…. the fabulously good value dinner menu sealed the deal – so off we went – to a very damp salthill

this first meal in galway was a girly affair – myself & the best friend are always in dire need of a catch up, with her now living so far away! Not that we tend to do all that much catching up, we mainly regurgitate the most silly of stories from years gone by – a night of good food and giggles is always a welcome one

we both jumped on the bandwagon of the €25 four course menu – unlike the usual set menus I am used to in Belfast – this one allowed you to choose from the ( reasonable priced ) a la carte menu – with small supplements for only a small number of the options

i had also spotted the elderflower cordial on the menu – homemade no less – but unfortunately it wasnt availiable on our visit. However this Lorina pink citrus lemonade was a fitting substitute! & at €3.50 for a bottle big enough for 2 for the duration of the meal – a total bargain – it was really nice to be able to have a nice drink without jumping on the wine – i wish this was an option everywhere instead of coke etc, Blah!

starter no 1 – Thai Beef Salad, Cucumber, Onion, Cilantro, Crispy Egg Noodles

this was the starter i choose – it was really very nice, if a little vinegary – a good size portion, this would of made a lovely lunch, maybe a touch on the large size for a starter for me, and i dont have a small appetite!

starter no 2 – Crispy Pork Salad, Roasted Apples, Sage, Macerated Onions

i didnt try Emmas starter, but it was nicely presented & she really enjoyed it

2nd course – Homemade Sorbet of the Day

if i remember correctly – and i think i do – this was a mango & peach sorbet

whatever it was it was lovely a refreshing & a nice was to make the meal feel a little bit special

main course no 1 – Chicken Supreme, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Basil Oil

i had been tempted to have the wild mushroom risotto – it was one of those days – as you can see from above – a comfort food day! But it seemed sensible to add the supreme of chicken for a bit more substance. A good dish, the chicken was well cooked & i really enjoyed the risotto

main course no 2 – Confit Pork Belly, Apple Sauerkraut, Mash, Jus

yes, emma had pork, followed by pork – there really is no controlling some people 😉 this was the largest piece of pork belly i have ever seen – but it was a very yummy very large piece of pork belly! it was just right, very flavoursome & tender, without feeling toooo fatty or greasy – the apple sauerkraut was also something a little bit different

by this point we where set to explode – but the menu says we gotta have dessert…..

dessert no 1 – Seasonal Fruit Crumble, Vanilla Ice Cream

emma had to have the crumble without the crumble…. she’s a gluten free lady ya see – she found it a little tart – i couldnt fit in even a tiny bit

dessert no 2 – Chocolate Pecan Brownie, Coffee Cardamom Ice cream

the brownie was nice, served warm, good and chocolaty – the icecream was really good, and the menu tells me it is all homemade – the flavour was beautiful, the cardamom added something extra to the coffee

by the stage the dessert came, i was sooooo full, i couldnt eat more than 1/2 of my dessert – the €25 four course meal thing is a great offer – but gee is it filling! skip lunch!! dont miss out on all of your dessert like me 🙁 i dont think it has ever happened to me before!

the balance was just right – good service, good food & good atmosphere – all at what I feel, is a reasonable price for the over all experiance here

all to often places seem to be trying to punch above their weight, serving mediocre food, at high prices, with a stuffy atmosphere, and attempts at formal service – and failing miserably

What is wrong with a decent feed, in a relaxed atmosphere, with friendly casual service?

Nothing at all – and surely the return visits to such a place – would generate far greater income, than the singular disappointing visit to the former? Especially when dining out is becoming more & more of luxury – maybe this should be a post all on its own…..

i already really want to make a return visit coffee and to try some of the pastries……..