Garden Goodies!

A couple of years ago M & I spent a lovely couple of days with Margaret & Alfie at Oldfarm – and upon leaving, Margaret gifted me a number of raspberry canes.

Now – Im not much of a gardener, but I like to give things ago. And adore the idea of successfully growing a number if yummies. So on our return home, we dutifully planted and watered our canes to help them settle in.

Last year – we saw a number of small berries – but whether or not they ever matured shall remain a mystery, as some feathered creatures got to them before we did!

But this year something magical has happened……


My raspberry plant exploded! To the untrained eye, this may look like a very scruffy section of our cottage garden, just to the right of my front door….. however I think you shall find that this is my raspberry & blackberry farm! All the sunshine seems to have helped my canes along, and now I can see many, many potential raspberries – & my blackberry brambles are flowering pretty well too 😀

Fingers crossed for a bountiful harvest – and one collected before too many become treats for the feathered friends!

Fotor0624152326Ive even branched out into courgettes & pumpkins this year – keep everything crossed for me!

Do you grow edibles in your garden? What do you find the easiest, with the best return of happiness?