Gift Guide – Local Treasure

Gift Guide Local TreasureIs there any better a present than something thoughtfully selected from a local artisan / crafter? A little bit of local treasure.

No need to spend your time aimlessly scrolling through the Amazon ‘top deals’ looking for inspiration. Don’t waste those precious festive evenings pounding the tiles of your local shopping market. I have you covered with this list of local treasure!

Local Treasure

Indie Fude

After a recent trip to their new deli in Comber I can confirm that they have something to suit every palate; from the adventurous foodie to your Dad who just loves a good biscuit. And if you can’t make it to Comber, they have an awesome website.

My top picks – Deli Muru Sugar & Spice Snaps

Itty Bitty Book Company

Every item they create in brimming over with love and positivity.Some truly inspiring gifts. Get to know them a little bit better here.

My top pick – Lets go on an Adventure

The Bearded Candle Makers

Remember that time I went scent building with these charming chaps? Beautiful clean fragrances to lift the spirits. I am eyeing up ALL of the Irish Collection.

My top pick – A Burren Susurrus

Abernethy Butter

I’ve known Alison & Will for a few years now – and as well as being super butter makers, they are also extremely lovely folk. What more could you ask for? If its salted caramel, fudge or shortbread; they’ve got that covered too!

My top pick – Abernethy Butter Fudge

The Belfast Coffee Company

The Belfast Coffee Company is still a relatively new kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t brought their A game to the field of coffee. And they don’t only sell coffee – any of your coffee needs can be fulfilled by via their website.

My top pick – Ethiopian Sidamo Hawassa coffee beans

Rowallane Pottery

I very biased so I don’t need to say much here. A trip to Rowallane Gardens to soak up a bit of nature is a treat in itself. AND the pottery is full of potential gifts!

My top pick – Faceted cups


I’d love to hear about your favourite local treasure. Be they local to me, or local to you ♥