Gift Guide – Gifts for Crafty Folk

So it’s finally mid-December and we can talk about CHRISTMAS without totally annoying the Christmas naysayers! I love Christmas and as a crafter I start thinking about what I want to make for the festive season when most people are still enjoying the summer sun.

This year the wait for December has seemed interminable as I have spent most of the last four months thinking about Christmas crafting. Mostly I concentrate on what I want to make for other people but sometimes it’s nice to think about what I would really like for myself.

*Ahem*… Obviously this isn’t just a purely personal wishlist but a nice collection of great gifts for crafty folk in your life.

Gifts for Crafty Folk

Gifts for crafters 1

Illuminated Crochet Hook

I love to crochet and my eyesight isn’t exactly 20:20 so without a great light source I suffer trying to work with dark yarn. I would love a crochet hook with its own light source – perfect for helping with my wonky eyesight!

Gifts for crafters 3

Pottery knitting bowl

This beautiful yarn bowl would be great for any knitters or crochet lovers. A great job to save your wool from rolling all over the floor as you work your projects up. I love the colours of this glaze; this bowl is so pretty as well as being a super useful piece of kit.

gift for crafters 4

Make Your Own Faux Dinosaur

To keep on this woolly theme, I thought I’d throw one in for the knitters. I flippin love dinosaurs and I wish I had any talent at knitting because I’d buy this for myself. If only there was a similar kit for crochet!

Gifts for crafters 4

Make your own Doll Kit

For people that want to sew but maybe aren’t quite comfortable with a machine this personalised make your own doll kit from Clara and Macy is perfect. Everything can be personalised from adding a special name to choosing her own hair colour and outfit. Additional outfit options can be purchased as well so you can really make this doll your own. This would be a lovely gift for a young crafter and a great project if you want to pass along your love of craft to the next generation or even develop your own skills!

gifts for crafters 5

Sewing Machine Brooch

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little something that is purely decorative and this sewing machine brooch fits the bill for me! In fact most of the jewellery found in Beyond Measure could go on this list. I love it all. Check out the rest of their shop if you get a chance. There are some beautifully crafted, crafty items for sale that all you other makers out there are sure to love.

gifts for crafters 6

Cotton Reel Necklace

Speaking of decorative items, here’s another winner although it could be included in the functional category too. It’s always handy to have a needle and thread about the place and this beautiful necklace can help with that. A silver spool wound with real thread is an elegant reminder that you love to craft and it’s useful too. What more could a crafty gal want?!

gifts for crafters 7

Running Hare Scissors

Well… obviously a pair of scissors to go with that needle and thread would be a good idea and this pair of hand paired embroidery scissors featuring a running hare is definitely for the crafter who likes that little bit of luxury. They are just so beautiful that I’m not sure I could bear to use them, but you know I’d have to own them to find out so who wants to buy them for me?!

I hope with these gifts for crafty folk I’ve managed to help some of you with your Christmas shopping dilemmas.  I’ve only created more confusion in my poor husband’s mind as he struggles through this list and wonders which one of all these gifts would be the best one. It’s a pretty hard choice!