Gourmet Shortcut – Chocolate Brownies w/ M&S

Chocolate Brownies - M&S box cake mix TopToday I made chocolate brownies out of a boxed cake mix.

Stop rolling your eyes! I know what you are thinking. Boxed cake mixes are pants… I have been in that camp before. Let’s face it, I am still pretty close to that camp. But I am always keen to give new things a go, and frankly, if anyone can make boxed cake mix a worthwhile investment – it’s M&S!

I selected x3 of their new range to try at home, and this morning I needed chocolate – so clearly the chocolate brownies were a good pick.

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies - M&S box cake mix 5These chocolate brownies are the best kind of cake in a box. Not only are almost all of the ingredients enclosed inside the box, but you can also bake the brownies inside the box that contains them. Couldn’t be easier! And anything that allows less washing up… can only be a good thing.

For this particular box cake all you need to have to hand is 100g of melted butter, and some tap water. The instructions are super easy to follow – perfect for the mini folk in your life, or those who seldom bake. Of course you can pimp up your chocolate brownie should you wish. For this particular batch I added a big glug of Monin Rose Syrup to add a floral sweetness to the chocolatey goodness – it worked out pretty damn well, should I say so myself!

Chocolate Brownies - M&S box cake mix 9

All in all the performance of these chocolate brownies was above what I expected. They stayed lovely and gooey – and with the addition of melted chocolate and cocoa there was none of the horrible light brown colouring you get when there just isn’t enough chocolate in the mix!

Don’t for one second believe that this cardboard box containing 3 little bags will make you the best brownies ever. It won’t. There are many better recipes out there – including this one for THE BEST CHOCOLATE BROWNIES EVER – but if you are short on time, utensils or ingredients these chocolate brownies from M&S are not going to disappoint. I can see myself using them if I want to bake at a friends house, or perhaps I am away from home and don’t have trays etc… It’s a more than suitable stand in!

Do you ever use cake mixes? Any success?