Gourmet Shortcut – Coconut Prawns & Mango Wraps

Mid-week slump? We all have them… those days when you need something tasty and nutritious – but you have zero energy / time to make it so.

I like to have a few dishes in my armoury to carry me through those evenings. You can check more of them out here; I promise to share many more in the not to distant future.

Coconut Prawn and Mango Salsa Wraps 4

This dish in particular is real special as it is rammed full of bright, fresh flavours. The type of flavours that help you see sunshine at the end of a busy grey day. A Winter pick me up! Or Summer smiler of course ♥

Take #2 – Coconut Prawns & Mango Wraps

Coconut Prawns & Mango Salsa Wraps

Serves 2

5 minPrep Time

15 minCook Time

20 minTotal Time

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  • Coconut Prawns - M&S
  • 4 of your Favourite Wraps
  • 1 Mango - cubed
  • 1 Chilli - finely sliced
  • Coconut Oil
  • 1 Small Bag of Spinach
  • Peppup Red Pepper & a pinch of chilli sauce ( or something similar )


  1. First things first - cook the coconut prawns following the instructions on the pack. If you are using plain prawns you can cook them in the pan during the next step.
  2. Heat a pan on a medium/high heat and add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Once the coconut oil has melted add the chilli and garlic to the pan, followed 2mins later by the mango. Gently stir fry until the mango is warmed through and starting to soften.
  3. Add the wraps to the bottom shelf of your oven for the last few minutes of cooking to slightly warm.
  4. When all components are ready, place a generous spoonful of Peppup ( or similar ) on the base of your wrap, followed by salsa, prawns and a handful of spinach.
  5. Enjoy!

In my version of this recipe I used a new favourite condiment of mine – Peppup. A gorgeous roasted red pepper tomato ketchup made just down the road from me in Newtownards; that I discovered on a recent lunch break in my local SuperValu ♥ Any form of tasty chutney / sauce will add some extra flavour amd zing to your wraps; I think red pepper works particularly well with the mango.

I also used a pack of Breaded Coconut Prawns from M&S  and I would certainly recommend them ( if I didn’t they wouldn’t be here! ); but if you want to use fresh prawns you can easily substitute them. Unfortunately you will miss out on the coconutty goodness, unless you have slightly longer to spare and want to crust and bake your prawns… not a ‘Gourmet Shortcut’ then though!

Coconut Prawn and Mango Salsa Wraps 2 Coconut Prawn and Mango Salsa Wraps 3 Coconut Prawn and Mango Salsa Wraps

Often cooking under time pressure? I am sure you have lots of great recipes up your sleeve! Share you favourites with me in the comments, or on twitter… I love to chat!