4 Tips For Bulk Baking Holiday Cookies

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, many of us who like homemade goods and special treats will be warming up the ovens and breaking out the recipe books for the good of family and friends. Of course, we all like to indulge a bit over the holidays, and while store bought pies, cakes, treats, etc. can all be excellent to have on hand, nothing quite beats that perfect batch of traditional, homemade cookies – particularly if you have family or friends who expect your signature holiday dessert!

That said, however, it can be difficult to provide for the flow of guests that stop by throughout the season. From having family visit, to hosting friends and/or parties, and even bringing your own contribution to a holiday party, there are simply opportunities all over the place for others to enjoy your delicious Christmas cookies. So with that said, here are 4 tips for baking holiday cookies in bulk this season.

1. Use Holiday Cookie Cutters

You can take time to cut and shape your dough into shapes all on your own, or you can save time, and make the cookies more holiday appropriate, with some extremely simple cookie cutters! It’s a basic tip, but nevertheless a perfect one for bulk baking during the festive season. You can even take advantage of Discount Holiday Cookie Cutters online, a very niche provider for just this purpose.

2. Prepare Cookies In Bulk

To a certain extent, baking just takes time and there’s no way around it. But by rolling out your dough and preparing your cookies for the oven in advance, you can get a great portion of the work out of the way in advance. Try to find an afternoon to prepare as many cookies as you’ll need, and then cover and refrigerate the dough until you’re ready to bake. This way, when the time comes, part of the work is taken care of!

3. Buy Extra Oven Racks

Most ovens have various slots for additional oven racks, or for moving your own up and down according to need. However, by simply purchasing an extra oven rack you can increase your capacity to bake holiday cookies! MySmartBuy offers a stainless steel option that’s particularly convenient in its ability to expand and contract, meaning you won’t have to worry about it fitting your particular oven.

4. Buy Your Frosting & Toppings

Making your own is a nice touch, and certainly if you have an established recipe, by all means stick to it. However, you can save a great deal of time by purchasing frosting and toppings ready to go on your cookies, and put your personal touch in the actual cookies instead!

Written by Sarah Stricklin. Sarah is a blogger, foodie, and DIY junkie. She’s a mum of 2 who enjoys cooking and writing in her free time.