A little while ago now, I remember reading a post on my friend Margaret blog about her honesty box, and wondering to myself why on earth people wheren’t taking advantage of her lovely offerings!

And then I did exactly the same thing myself!……. ALOT of times!

I have been driving past this perfectly fabulous honestly box since Ive lived in Saintfield – and have wondered a number of times about the inviting road side ‘flowers’ sign. But had I stopped….. Nope, not once!


Then, one morning on twitter I noticed a retweet about a local flower company – and low & behold – it was all about Trainview farm! I seriously cant believe I have spent near;y 3 years of my life driving past such beautiful, well priced, and so far incredibly long lasting blooms! I got mine last Wednesday – and they still look brand new, with plenty of buds opening, & still lots to go!20130713-224520.jpg

I visited last Wednesday, and was greeted by beautiful bunches of Alstroemeria & Sweet Williams – along side some well put together mixed bouquets. With just £3 a bunch or £5.50 a bouquet it is really going to be hard to ever drive past again!


On this trip I scooped up x2 bunches of Alstroemeria – and I cant wait to get back for some sweet williams, to lend some of their pretty fragrance to my bedroom!

After a good noisy around their facebook page – I have also spotted some gorgeous little jam jar posies – possibly the cutest thing ever! I had never thought of displaying flowers like this, but the hessian looks great against the bright pops of natural colour! One of these may be decorating my house soon… Im nearly positive the potter wants to buy me one 😉


Be sure to check them out if you are ever in the area – they also have duck & hen eggs too 🙂