Healthy work day treats …. Or not!

In a quest to make me of my own snacks – healthy, nutritious, homemade snacks – I set about making some oaty raisiny flapjacks


I started with some raisins – some healthy, friendly raisins – soaked in some of my favourite liquorice yogi tea!

And then it kinda went down hill…. Who knew something with such healthy ingredients could be so unhealthy! Ahhhh guess it must be all that butter & sugar!


Soooo much butter ….. I’m a bit of a butter fiend …..

Part of the attraction of flapjacks is the easy peasiness of it all! Pop all the following ingredients together in a big non stick saucepan & stir until all the butter is melted, all the sugar is dissolved & all the oats are happily coated in sticky goodness!

250g porridge oats
125g brown sugar
125g butter
1 BIG handful of tea soaked raisins
Generous sprinkle of sesame seeds
2 tbs honey
1 tbs black treacle

Once all the oats look good & sticky – tumble them into a lined tin ( aprrox 20cm square ) & sqidge them down nice & tight to make a good dense flapjack.

Bake in the oven at 180c ( my oven is not a fan oven – so adjust if your is! ) for 20 mins or until they flapjack begins to brown – though that’s easier said than done if you add the treacle! 20mins did it ok for me though!


Don’t be fooled by the sqishiness off the flapjack when it comes out of the oven – Give it a few minutes before cutting the flapjack into snack sized squares 🙂 leave them in the tin till COMPLETELY cool – no one wants their flapjacks to fall apart!


And there we go – very lovely treats to try & stop the daily sugar / chocolate cravings in work! Very tasty, though not really what I had in mind to start with…. I’m going to remake, whilst trying to substitute the sugar / butter with slightly friendlier ingredients! I hear bananas can work…. A girls gotta try!