Herman the German Friendship Cake

here is the Herman the German Friendship cake recipe – as promised 🙂

now – without wanting to sound negative – this wasnt my favourite thing in the world…. the bread floated my boat 100x times more – but it wasnt bad, just kinda yeasty……. Matt polished it off easy peasy – so it certainly wasnt bad!

Maybe Ill try it again – maybe with chocolate – maybe thatll make it better – chocolate tends to do that…..


the same ‘2 ladle’ principle applies here – but i started with everything else in a bowl first, before adding Herman

225g of sugar – 300g plain flour – 1/2tsp salt – 2 eggs – 160ml olive oil – 2tsp vanilla essence – 2 cooking apples cut into chunks – 200g raisins – 2tsp heaped cinnamon, 2tsp baking powder

stirred about with a spoon – nothing to complicated!

pop into greased cake tin & bake @ 160c for an hour – or thats what a did – but i have a totally mental oven – so i suggest you be careful, & know your own! I covered mine w/ tin foil half way through too – it was getting tooooo brown!


here’s the finished article – not too shabby 😀

do you have a herman? have you baked / cooked anything super great with him??