how to enjoy being alone…

one search on the great internet, brings up many a way to combat the blues whilst being alone  – learning, reading, surfing the net – they all seem high up there…..

not that i have the blues

it is only one night

and how i shall never be alone…… because i have a large number of little hairy friends

and anyway – the solution to loneliness seems some what obvious to me


and easy quick yet yummy food at that ( mainly because i am currently taking place in my own larkrise to candleford marathon – bt vision is sublime for such insane programme love )

when i think yummy – i think goats cheese & chorizo – & fortunately i happen to have them both….

beetroot, goats cheese & chorizo tart

1 roll of puff pastry ( pre made – yup lazy yummy food )

15 approx slices of chorizo

6 approx slices of goats cheese

a few of spoons of passata

3 chicken mini fillets

2 beetroot ( 2 different types help to ramp up the pretty factor )

some  micro salad ( to make you feel healthy – brownie points if you grow your own 😉 ) (yes i managed lol )

1 ) slice your beetroot into thin slices, then pop into a bowl as shown in 3) with a splash of water, microwave for 5 minutes – until slightly soft

2) put your chorizo & chicken into a frying pan & stir fry for 5 / 6 minutes

3) spoon your passata onto the puff pastry bass, followed by the beetroot & sliced goats cheese – followed by the chorizo & chicken

4) put in the oven for around 20mins @ 200c

5) when done sprinkle with micro greens for that special touch 😉

completely scrummy & and totally enjoyed – and i even have 3 slices left for a midnight snack 😉

and just incase you where wondering – Im not lonely – these little girls are keeping me company admirably well – even if they are already asleep!

now please excuse me – i have some more larkrise to candleford to watch!