Hummus or Houmous?

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Spelling isnt my forte – Im sure you may have noticed already… But it certainly doesnt help when people keep switching between spellings. Two words, one meaning – but which one should you use ….. no body knows!!!

I looked about the web, but it took a little while before I hit any reliable information – other than a collection of people asking just the same question lol. However the origin of Hummus / Houmous seems to be in Egypt… Hummus means chickpea in Arabic – and the full name for this pureed dippy loveliness would be Hummus di Tahini – Chickpeas with Tahini! The English spelling is the one that seems to cause confusion – however it appears that the American English would be Hummus & the British English spelling would be Houmous. Now, despite my usual insistence on sticking with the ‘proper’ spelling of worlds ie. Color not Colour & Labor not Labour. Oh Ive spotted a theme…. I wonder why the Americans dont like ‘O’s…. whys?

Though this time Im inclined to pick the word I find easiest to remember – and thats the one with the least characters. Hummus! Im always muddling the hOUmOUs vowels up – so Im more than happy to ditch those troublesome vowels! And it has the best origins….. 😉

Well – whatever you wanna freaking call the stuff – I LOVES it <3 and its super easy to whip up.

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This time in particular I put a generous table spoon of harissa into the mix – it worked so well! I love my hummus with mostly EVERYTHING – pitta bread, carrot sticks, salad, burgers – ALL OF THE THINGS. How do you like yours?