A while ago now the lovely people over at Alpro got in touch with me about their #inspiremyday campaign. Of course I was over joyed at the prospect of both trying their products – and the chance at becoming an ‘#inspiremyday ambassador’

The long Summer days are the perfect vehicle to draw inspiration from our surroundings and/or try something new 🙂 and Alpro even popped a few goodies in the post to help the ideas flow!

So here are my top 10 tips for the #inspiremyday campaign – I hope you find that even one of them opens your eyes up to a new experience – or just helps you smile! Lots of these ideas are going to be linked to up and coming blog posts too – so check back for more info if any take your fancy 😉

1) Homemade gifts are the best gifts & since a few friends of mine have had babies recently ( well, when I say a few I mean nearly them all!!! )I wanted to come up with a nice pressie for them….. After a bit of thought and a lot of play with my #beautifulmess app I put together this babysitting voucher – & it worked out pretty damn cute – if I do say so myself 😉 One day my homemade gifts will be more spectavular ( I thinking knitted sweaters & homemade teddys ) but while Im in training things like these sweet little vouchers are gonna have to do!


2) Chocolate & hazelnut milk cake – Baking makes me happy, chocolate makes me happy – being happy helps to bring you inspiration….. perfect 😉 recipe to follow……

chocolate & hazelnut milk cake


3) Bath & pamper time – not so much inspiring, as something I should more often be inspired to do. A little bit of tlc goes a long way – and if anyone is gonna give you some tlc it should really be you! ATM I am a little in love with Origins – their gloomaway range is amazing 😀

4) Learn something new – try a new craft! I am nearly positive I could at one point sew rather well…. unfortunately that day has passed & I appear to be a pretty pants craft doer! This little pooch came in my #inspiremyday pack – and was great fun to make. I want to try again now too, now that I know all the bits I did completely wrong lol

little dog

5) Take time out – preferably outside – take time to enjoy your surroundings, and all that is in it. Its easy to take what is around you for granted. Try to spend a little while enjoying what you have – there really is beauty everywhere

beautiful bees

6) New life – need I say anymore? Oh yeah – new fluffy life 😉


7) Volunteer! Its good for you, and good for those you volunteer for! The WPFG 2013 where is Belfast last year – and they where super fun 🙂


8)  Healthy alternatives – Its easy to slip into bad habits, especially with Autumn & winter knocking on your door – and it seems to me that Alpro have more than a few healthier alternatives to some common food stuffs. And some products that I can happily sneak into my days to add some #plantpower in there! One of my favorite things to do is bake cake…. well, and eating cake is pretty high up there! But the amount of butter that goes in there would petrify you! While making my St Clements cake I couldnt leave out my beloved butter altogether, but I swapped half the butter with the same quantity of Alpro original yogurt – and dare I say it – but it was even yummier! The yogurt only left a slight hint of a creamy taste, but made a huge difference to the moisture levels! #lush!


9) Family time – make time for it! As you all grow up, move away from home, get engaged, have babies, get jobs, be busy…. etc etc it can be hard to keep a hold of lots of relationships. But you simply must make time for your family. Its too easy to forget the easy fun times of your youth – gigging away! So the l’il sis & I went to see Snow Patrol – in the rain – it was perfect 🙂

photo (7)

10) Natures larder – remember it! Today was spent collecting blackberries for jam – successful jam 🙂 super chuffed & just wanna go pick more blackberries now! Hopefully the apples will be falling of the trees soon – then I can get making some blackberry & apple crumble 🙂 There is always something to gather outside – be it gorse flowers, apples or mushrooms!! Just make sure you are careful – mushrooms are particularly tricky to master! Foraging trips are great though, I went on this great one last year – and would love to go again!

3a4a252016e011e3bccd22000ae91234_7and thats my #inspiremyday top 10! I hope you find something new you’d like to do here – certainly a few things I hope to try time & time again!