June Things

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1) Hoopers Strawberry & Elderflower – now I know this is basically a posh alco-pop, but its soooo refreshing and lovely! They do a Cloudy Lemonade version too, which is quite tart enough for me, but the strawberry & elderflower seriously tastes like sunshine <3 and at Β£2 a bottle, a great thirst quencher to pick up for a sunshine evening treat

2) This was in Mays *Things* too – my beloved sewing chalet. But this time it is full of all the goodies my Mammy got me to help on my sewing journey! I have kicked of my sewing career with a straight line in a number of different stitches. This may not sound impressive but its the little things… world sewing domination next! Well, actually, next is hopefully sewing myself self a little purse for in my beautiful new bag – I shall be material shopping later today πŸ˜€

3) My li’l sister & the munchkin came to visit nearly 3 weeks ago now, and they stopped off at Trainview FarmΒ to buy me some super beautiful flowers <3 They are still sitting on my window sill – only just on the way out after 3 weeks! Not only is it important to support local traders – produce that doesnt have to travel so far gets to spend so much more of it life with you, rather than in transit!

4) Birkenstocks – they seem to divide the masses as to whether they are cool or not. I dont care if they are cool – they are SOOOOOO comfy, and thatll do for me πŸ˜‰ I may not be wearing out to a fancy get together anytime soon, bit for a stroll around the fields on a sunny day, they are perfection.

5) She smiles, she dances, she’s solar powered – enough said.

6) The Postal SocietyΒ is back, with a beautiful new website, and a fun forum full of #snailmail loveliness. I signed up for premium membership & this sweet little parcel appeared in the mail. Im still looking for the perfect place for my badge πŸ™‚

7/9) The lovely folk over at Mr Nutcase sent me thins charming custom iphone case* – they have multitudes of lovely options to choose from, but I particularly adore this spotty option. It meant I could sqidge in lots & lots of photos of the fluffsters. I received the case at the start of June, and it is still on my phone today – thats a long term commitment for me πŸ™‚ The case fits really well, this teeny tiny photos are lovely & clear and it reminds me of my favourites every moment. Great job <3 If you fancy one, use the code ‘Thank10’ to receive 10% discount.

8) A very exciting parcel from Harrods* arrived in the mail earlier this month – and now I can not wait to put it to good use with a sunshine picnic in the gardens. Dont worry – Ill share the excitement soon!

Have you bought or received anything fabulous this month? Let me know!!

*These products were gifted to me for the purpose of review. As always – this does not mean I ever recommend anything to you I would not use again myself &/or recommend to my friends. All words are my own.