Kitchen Trends for 2016

A beautiful kitchen is something that we dream about in Field Cottage. Our little abode is cute ‘n’ all, but she isn’t all that glam, or that spacious… This doesn’t stop me staring longingly at the latest kitchen trends – wondering if we could somehow fit them all in.

The answer is no btw. Not unless someone wants to help me put in some supporting beams and remove a couple of walls…. Damn those gorgeous thick stone walls!

Here is what I think will be, or should be, some of the kitchen trends in 2016!

Kitchen Trends Books

Cookbooks on Display

Cookbooks are things of great beauty, but that isn’t all they have to offer. Contrary to how many of us work; cookbooks are made to be leafed through, cooked from and covered in little dots of sauce… I don’t wanna see your favourite cookbooks sat on the coffee table looking pretty. Get them in the kitchen, within arms reach – and use them often. I have far too many that have seen far too little action. Im gonna start with Bibendum and work my way through; a recipe at a time!

Kitchen Trends 1#

Beautiful Worktops

In a big kitchen the surfaces really draw the eye; so it’s important to choose carefully! Granite and Quartz worktops have always been a popular choice for the kitchen, being incredibly beautiful and hard wearing. In recent years, it has become more affordable to furnish your kitchen with such delights – so it is no surprise that Mayfair Granite predict that luxurious surfaces will be high on the ‘must have’ list for new dream kitchens throughout the land.

Kitchen Trends Pottery


So, I could be a little bit bit biased here; with Matt being a potter and all… but I blooming love good ceramics. Coffee cups, plates, and bowls; serving platters. The craftsmanship in each piece makes it so much more meaningful than the mass produced equivalent.

wooden-spoon-1013566_1920 (2)

Steel & Wood

I’m tired of all the experimental kitchen utensils taking over our kitchen aisles. There is little better to aid you in the kitchen than a sharpened carbon steel knife and a wooden spoon. In fact we have a wooden spatula in our kitchen that Matt made in school; still going strong and in regular use!

Kitchen Trends Colour

ALL of the Colours

Colours. How are you meant to choose just one? I once started my kitchen with a plan. Most things were going to be red. There is no longer a plan. Many things are not red, and I am at peace with this. If you love something, buy it. Worry about how it is gonna fit in to your colour scheme later! Eventually, your colour scheme will just be ALL of the colours!

Planning a new kitchen? Updating yours? Or just dreaming like me? I’d love to hear all about it!